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In September 2009 David Robertson, a commercial pilot presented a plan for a theoretical aviation program to be made available to high schools in Jamaica. The program was started with its base at the Jamaica College high school in Kingston and was open for attendance to students from all high schools across the island of Jamaica. The program was a resounding success and the principal of Jamaica College, Senator Mr. Ruel Reid (OD) deserves credit for continuing to be a revolutionary educator.

Following the success of the high school program, the natural progression was for the program to evolve to the tertiary level and expand the vision to the wider Caribbean, the entire Americas and indeed the world. We invite you to claim your dream by obtaining a degree in an ever expanding industry!

A recent study confirmed that over sixty percent of students who enter university are not pursuing their preferred program of study but rather are simply taking the next logical step towards getting a higher education as they continue in pursuit of the level of employment that guarantees that they will obtain the house and the car. The Aviation University of the Americas attempts to attack the status quo and gives progressive students an opportunity to achieve their goal of a degree in a specific science.

Aviation University of the Americas is in the process of being accredited with the Aviation Accreditation Board International. The University of the Americas will welcome deaf and Spanish speaking students with interpreting services being made available.

Depending on the course of study chosen other campus locations will be utilized including the Tinson Pen Aerodrome situated in the capital city of Kingston. Classes will also be conducted in Montego Bay which is largely regarded as one of the best tourist capitals in the world

Once there is free time the luxurious beaches along the island's north coast await. You can experience our world famous attractions in Negril, Montego Bay, Trelawny, Run Away Bay, Dunns River Falls, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio. A myriad of opportunities also exist for other island experiences. They simply await your arrival.

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